Bering Strait Mooring Cruise 2003

R/V Alpha Helix

30th June - 8th July 2003
Teller - Nome

Rebecca Woodgate (UW), Terry Whitledge (UAF),
Sang Lee (UAF), Sarah Thornton (UAF), Clara Deal (IARC)
Keith Magness (UW), Justin Denton (SUNY),
Anne Hess (MATE Center, Monterey Peninsula College)

Corresponding author: Rebecca Woodgate




During an 8-day physical and biogeochemical cruise to the Bering Strait and southern Chukchi Sea,  three moorings (carrying current meters, temperature and salinity sensors, a nutrient sampler, a transmissometer and a fluorometer) deployed in the Bering Strait region for 1 year, were recovered and redeployed.  Nine CTD and ADCP sections, including water sampling for nutrients, O-18, CDOM and DOC, were run.

Cruise Report (Word Document)

Appendix A - preliminary CTD sections (pdf)
Appendix B - preliminary Nutrient sections (pdf)
Appendix C - Preliminary Mooring results (pdf)
Appendix D - Seawifs Images (pdf)  (courtesy of Mike Schmidt, NASA)
Appendix F - cruise images (pdf) (courtesy of Magness, Woodgate, UW)

For use of any of these figures, please contact
Rebecca Woodgate (

© Polar Science Center, University of Washington, 2003

SeaWiFS images kindly provided by the SeaWiFS Project
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and Orbimage

Our thanks go to the crew of the Alpha Helix for their hard work, skill, professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm, and also to Mike Schmidt for providing us Seawifs images during the cruise. 

We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this work from  Office of Naval Research (ONR) High Latitude Dynamics Program and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Polar Programs.

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