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August 19

   Fifteen scientists and two crew from the Coast Guard prepared for departure from Barrow, Alaska, to the USCGC Polar Star.  The ship was anchored about fifteen miles offshore due to local ice conditions.  We were transported from land to the ship via helicopter.  The helicopter could only hold the two pilots, one crew member, and three passengers.   These are some shots taken while the scientists and crew donned their flight suits.  A couple of shots were taken from the air as we were flying to the ship.
Ms. Grimes in Barrow prior to flying out to the ship...during the summer.
Coast Guard Helicopter landing on tarmack in Barrow, Alaska, preparing to transport scientists.

Ms. Grimes doing her best to get into the suit. NOT that easy!

Wendy and Dave just hanging-out.

Kellie and Marlene ready to go.

Finally, set to go!
Loading equipment...
Knut contemplating...let's those, that and that....
Off we go...
Barrow, Alaska, shortly after take-off.
      Polar bear sighted while flying out to the Polar Star.
View of the ice conditions from air.
View of the Polar Star as the helicopter comes in for a landing.