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August 29

  Crew and scientists gather at 6:30 pm around tables, everyone sitting on the edge of their seats, tension mounts, and air was so thick you could cut it with a knife...

...and then she walks out onto the stage...oh sorry, that was a movie.  Actually, the crew and scientists were gathered around the table but no one walked out onto the stage, and the air was not thick, and there was no tension. 

  Although, every person was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for Rebecca Woodgate, the chief scientist, to explain what we have been doing since being aboard the Polar Star and what our plans are for the remainder of this trip. 

  We have been extremely busy since we arrived on board the ship.  This is a chance for the crew to understand what the trip is all about.  Rebecca related to them how waters from the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean merge together in the Arctic Ocean.

   She discussed the differences of the two water masses and how we can distinguish them with the measurements we are making: Salinity, Oxygen, Nutrients, Barium, Cesium, Iodine, Helium, O18, Tritium, Nitrogen, Argon, and CFC's.  (Salinity and Nutrients were discussed on previous updates, the rest I will discuss on future updates.)

Rebecca speaking to the crew.


Ensign Kyle S. Young
   Rebecca also discussed the currents in the region and how we are using the moorings to measure the water movements.  She had brought in different parts of the mooring to explain what each piece did and how we will recover it at the end of the trip.  (You can view the update on moorings if you would like to know what each piece is for.)

   At the end of her talk, we gave the crew a chance to color their own Styrofoam cups.

FA Heather Meyer


FA Justin P. Le Tourneau

Jeff Jordan EM3

LCDR Bruce Decker


Lt. Jaime Ramos
   Here some of the crew color their cups which will be sent down to 3600 meters, and extreme pressure.  We will send these cups down with the CTD, along with similar cups the students colored in Barrow, and also a Styrofoam head.

Lt. Kunas


Rebecca speaking to the crew.

MK2 Thomas C. Klempay

SN Henzie and SN Webb

The head has a name, its name is Cindy.  We will watch to see what happens to the cups and to Cindy...