Gail Grimes

Ms. Grimes with her Marine Biology Class at LSHS.


    My name is Gail Grimes.  I work at Lake Stevens High School , in Lake Stevens, WA.  Lake Stevens is located about 40 miles north of Seattle.  I have been teaching at LSHS since 2000, this will be my third year.  I teach General Science, Biology, and Marine Biology.  I have been teaching for 7 years.  I have instructed kids from pre-school to high school.  I taught Marine Biology for 4 years, in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and now Lake Stevens.  Outside of church and teaching, my hobbies are hiking, sports (softball), and scuba diving.  My kids (students) are extremely important to me.  This experience will bring me closer to my students and to other schools around the country.  My goal is to get as many schools involved as possible. I would love to be in contact with elementary, middle, and high schools.  This will be a great learning experience for me and for them.   My background has lead me to doing research in Mexico on Marine Turtles and Seabirds, to Arizona researching snakes and lizards.  In my heart, I have always wanted to live on a ship and do research in the ocean.  This is a chance of a lifetime and one I embrace with open arms.

Lake Stevens High School, Lake Stevens, Washington, USA

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