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3 Survival Training
19 Boarding the Polar Star
20 Quarters, First CTD, CS Report
21 Touring the Engine Room, CS Report
22 Working with the CTD Rosette
23 Mooring Deployment
24 Using the CTD
25 Living Aboard an Icebreaker
26 My Second Flight, CS Report
27 Nutrient Data Analysis 
28 Saying "Hello!" in Barrow, Alaska
29 CS Report
30 Sampling for Barium and O18
31 Scientists can cook, too..., CS Report


1 Appreciating the Surroundings, CS Report
3 CFC Sampling
5 Tour of the Sickbay
6 Sampling for Oxygen
7 Pinewood Derby Race Day
8 Being Chief Scientist
9 Backgrounds, CS Report
10 Cindy, the Styrofoam Head, Polar Bear Sighting
11 Remembrance
12 Who are the MST's?
14 Ice is not just ice...
15 Meet my classes back home!
16 Recovery of the Moorings
17 The Galley that Keeps us Going
18 Tracking Water Motion with Tracers
19 Our Executive Officer
21 The Polar Bear Club and Golden Dragons, CS Report




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