Working on the Polar Star

from the CBL Cruise 2002

Photo credit: University of Washington

A map of the Arctic Ocean Close up of the CTD rosette with the bottles open CTD on the deck waiting to be deployed.
The CTD gets the go ahead to be deployed. CTD entering the water. CTD just below the surface.
CTD emerging from icy water. Full size Styrofoam cups decorated by students in Barrow, AK ready to take a trip on the CTD. The cups after traveling to a depth of 3800 meters on the CTD, the cups in the background are full size.
A group of researchers with the CTD. Gail Grimes takes notes on the samples to make sure all are properly labeled and tracked. Gail Grimes, our teacher at sea, takes a sample from the CTD.
Ron, our cheif chemist,, taking a sample to test Taking samples to test the CFC level. Guy, our CFC expert, testing the CFC level in a sample.
Adding reagents to the sample. Preparing to deploy a mooring. Lowering the mooring. The SBE-16 (gray tail) will record the salinity and temperature hourly and the current meter (red tail) will measure current speed and direction.
Lowering the glass floats of the mooring. A team heads out to retrieve a mooring. Mooring team at a distance.


    Updated: January 30, 2004