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Last updated: 20th August 2020
 A UW initiative to promote
Respect and Equality in Field Work (REIF)
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Committee Co-Chairs:
Stephanie Harrington
Admin Co-Chair,
Associate Dean of Administration,
Dean's Office, CoE

Tel: 206-543-0878
Rebecca Woodgate
Faculty Co-Chair,
Principal Senior Oceanographer & Professor.
APL and Oceanography

Tel: 206-221-3268
Ben Fitzhugh
Faulty Co-Chair,
Director & Professor,
 Quaternary Research Center and Anthropology
Tel: 206-543-9604

Committee Members (current):
Carolyn Friedman, Professor, SAFS
Roger Buick, Professor, ESS
Beth Gardner, Assis Prof, Forestry
a Litchendorf, Field-going Oceanographer APL
Eric Boget, Field-going Engineer, APL
Hope St John, UW student
Baishakhi Basu, UW student
Rachel Lazzar, Program Manager, Global Health
Kate Leonard, Title IX/ADA Coordinator
Daniel Brencic,Global Travel Security Manager

Committee Members (past):
Cabieri Robinson,Assoc Prof, JSIS
Sam Lagos, UW student
An arctic vista, photo taken from the
                            UW-led 2002 Chukchi Borderland Cruise,

The summer Arctic, an example of our field-work
locations, marvelous places for research, but often remote and isolating, where a well-functioning team can be of critical importance.  
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Photo from the 2002 UW-led Chukchi Borderland Cruise

** NEW - Committee Report, Jan 2018  "Preventing Harassment in Fieldwork Situations"

This website is a work-in-progress, aimed at informing and supporting a UW-effort to address issues of harassment in fieldwork situations. Its current focus is information sharing, and soliciting ideas and feedback. To share ideas and comments, please either use the links above to contact the committee or the link HERE
(** SET THIS UP - catalyst?) to send anonymous feedback.  Last updated 22nd Nov 2016.

GOALS (here)
- overarching goals
- charge to committee
- UW groups
- UW documents
- external Field Harassment documents

- on fieldwork harassment
- on harassment

- from funding agencies and professional organizations

Overarching goals of this effort are:
- to eradicate harassment in research-related field work; and
- to nuture and grow a mutually respectful, inclusive and equal-opportunity community in field-work situations.
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UW and OTHER RESOURCES (** still to be properly populated) Know of more links?  Email us.
UW groups

- Title IX Steering Committee
UW Documents

- May 2013 report from UW Taskforce on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

- May 2016 UW Study Abroad Handbook (pages 43 onwards and links therein)

- Feb 2016 Student Conduct Code for UW
External documents on Field Harassment

UNOLS Improving the Gender Climate at Sea

WHOI Gender Equity at Sea

SOCPS (Ship Operations Cooperative Program) 2017 released "Best Practices Guide on Prevention of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the US Merchant Marine  and Maritime Executive article thereon

Scripps' Preventing Harassment & Discrimination at Sea: Complaint Resolution Flow Chart

REFERENCES AND PUBLICATIONS, Know of more publications? Email us!** add link
On field work harassment

Recent Articles

Clancy. K.B.H.et al., 2014, Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault, PLS ONE 9(7), doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0102172
- survey of harassment and assault

Muckle, R.J, 2014. On Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Archaeology, The SAA Archaeological Record 33-34. November 2014.

Clark, I., and A. Grant, 2015.  Sexuality and danger in the field: Starting an uncomfortable conversation.  J. Anthro. Soc Oxford
which is the Introduction to a special issue of the J. Anthro Soc Oxford, Volume VII, No.1, 2015, on Sexual Harassment in the Field.
- includes practical suggestions

Kloss, S.T., 2016, Sexual(ized) harassment and ethnographic fieldwork: A silenced aspect of social research.  Ethnography, Apr 2016, doi: 10.1177/1466138116641958.
- includes practical suggestions.

Nelson, R.G., et al., 2017, Signaling Safety: Characterizing Fieldwork Experiences and Their Implications for Career Trajectories.   American Anthropologist, doi: 10.1111/aman.12929

NAS 2018 report, Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine doi: 10.17226/24994

Marin-Spiotta et al, 2020, Hostile climates are barriers to diversifying the geosciences, doi: 10.5194/adgeo-53-117-2020

Colaninno et al., 2020, Creating and Supporting a Harassment- and Assault-Free Field School, doi: 10.1017/app.2020.8


NPR, Young Scientists Say They're Sexually Abused In The Field, 17 Jul 2014

Nature, Many women scientists sexually harassed during fieldwork, 16 Jul 2014

Scientific American, Sexual Harassment and Assault Prove Common During Scientific Field Studies, 17 Jul 2014

The Atlantic, Vulnerable in the Field, Sexual Assault is common among Scientists, 15 Dec 2014

Washington Post - O'Hern, J., 2015, Discrimination as a female oceanographer

Chron. High. Ed, Huang, M., 2016, Vulnerable Observers: Notes on Fieldwork and Rape
Inside Higher Ed, Zippel, K., 2017 (conditionally accepted), (Strategies for dealing with ) Sexual Harassment in Research Abroad

Science Mag, Wadman., M, 2017, Disturbing allegations of sexual harassment in Antarctica leveled at noted scientist

Older Articles

On related harassment issues


MIT Technology Review Magazine, Breaking Silence, 29 Jan 2014

New York Times, Science's Sexual Assault Problem, 18 Sep 2014

Science, Q&A: Shining a light on sexual harassment in astronomy, 21 Oct 2015

Chronicle of Higher Education, 2 Sexual-Harassment Cases Draw Renewed Attention to Gender Bias In Astronomy, 13 Jan 2016

Inside Higher Ed, Public Shaming, 13 Jan 2016

Nature, Sexual harassment must not be kept under wraps, 20 Jan 2016

Nature Editorial, Harassment victims deserve better, 20 Jan 2016

Inside Higher Ed, NSF Tells Universities to Prevent Harassment, 27 Jan 2016

EOS, Steps to Building a No-Tolerance Culture for Sexual Harassment,  28 Jan 2016

Physics Today, Reboot the system, 29 Jan 2016

ScienceMag, The sexual misconduct case that has rocked anthropology, 9 Feb 2016

New York Times, She Wanted to Do Her Research.  He Wanted to Talk 'Feelings.', 4 March 2016

CNN: Sexual Harassment in STEM, 30 Sept 2016

EOS: Wendel, 2016, AGU-Sponsored workshop targets sexual harassment in the sciences, 20 Sep 2016

EOS:Diniega et al., 2016, Senior Scientists Must Engage in the Fights Against Harassment, 15 Oct 2016

GUARDIAN: Anonymous, 2016, Universities must do more to protect PhD students working in dangerous countries, 13 May 2016

GUARDIAN: Howland and Woolner, 2016, Universities must protect PhDs doing risky fieldwork.  Here's How.  19 July 2016

GUARDIAN: Anonymous, 2016, New rules to 'protect' women researchers abroad are sexist and dangerous, 19 Aug 2016.

Chron of Higher Ed, 2018, NSF to Require Reporting of Researchers who Harass, 8 Feb 2018

ScienceMag,  New NSF rules on sexual harassment leave many questions unanswered, 3 Mar 2018

Chron of Higher Ed., 2018, Field Sites are Harassment Hell. Here's how to improve them, 15 July 2018

From the Funding Agencies and Professional Organizations

NASA - NASA Administrator Communicates Harassment Policies to Grantees, 15 Jan 2016

AGU - Sexual Harassment and Scientific Community, 22 Jan 2016

NSF - The NSF will not tolerate harassment at grantee institutions, 25 Jan 2016

NSF US Antarctic Program - Affirmation of Non-Harassment Policy Statement, Jan 2018

Taken from May 2013 report from UW Task force on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - full report here.  Listed alphabetically within each category. Links for:
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- UW Counseling Center
- Hall Health Mental Health
- Health and Wellness
(including Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence, AODE**??**, Suicide Intervention Program, Consultation and Student Care)
- SafeCampus - Violence Prevention and Response Program (VPRP)
- UW Police Department (UWPD)
- Victim Advocate at UWPD
- Grad Student and Postdoc Union (UAW4121)

- Hall Health
- Harborview
- Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (HCSATS)
- UW Medical Center (UWMC)
- Student Legal Services
- Victim Advocate at UWPD

- Athletics
- First Year Student Orientation
- Fraternity and Sorority Life
- Green Dot Bystander Program
- Residence Life
- SafeCampus - Violence Prevention and Response Program (VPRP)
- SARIS - Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Information Service
- SARVA Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Activists (formerly CORE) in ASUW
- UW Police Department (UWPD)
- Community Standards and Student Conduct (CSSC)
- Residence Life Student Conduct
- Title IX
- University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO)
- UW Police Department (UWPD)
- Grad Student and Postdoc Union (UAW4121)