Measuring the Upper layer Temperature of the Polar Oceans


Mike Steele
M. Steele is the lead PI for the project, responsible for buoy design, deployment, data quality control, data management, and outreach. He has experience with field work as part of the North Pole Environmental Observatory and the Switchyard Project, and with data quality control and analysis as part of many NSF and NASA funded projects.
Ignatius Rigor
I. Rigor is the co-PI, responsible for assisting with buoy design, deployment, and data management. He brings years of experience with buoy observations to the project, as well as leadership of the International Arctic Buoy Program.
Kristina Colburn
K. Colburn is the UpTempO buoy project manager. She keeps track of new and existing buoys with respect to ordering, shipping, deployment, and technical status in the field. She also performs initial data quality control and analysis.
Wendy Ermold
W. Ermold is the lead data and web manager for the project. She also assists with field deployment.
Mark Ortmeyer
M. Ortmeyer assists with initial data download and processing and interfacing with the Global Telecommunications System (GTS).