Measuring the Upper layer Temperature of the Polar Oceans


Standard arctic buoy configuration

Welcome to the UpTempO Buoy Project web site

UpTempO buoys were originally designed to measure ocean temperature in the euphotic (light-influenced) surface layer of the Polar Oceans. These relatively inexpensive ocean buoys are designed to be easily deployed in open water or sea ice – covered conditions. As sea ice thins and retreats more and more each summer, the magnitude of ocean surface warming is accelerating. Our main goal is to measure this warming. In recent years, we have also been adding salinity sensors to our buoys, to measure stratification change. This means that sometimes we refer to our buoys as HydroBuoys instead of UpTempO buoys. Sorry for any confusion!


We are very grateful for support from the following:
  • National Science Foundation (Office of Polar Programs)
  • National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (Arctic Research Program)
  • NASA (Airborne Science and Cryosphere Programs)
  • Office of Naval Research (Arctic and Global Prediction Program)

We also thank the manufacturers of our buoys who have worked with us as a team to develop these exciting instruments.

And last but not least, we are deeply indebted to our colleagues who have spent extra time during their field work to deploy our buoys. You rock.


Lead Scientist:
Michael Steele masxxx@uw.edu

Web & Data Manager:
Suzanne Dickinson sdickins@uw.edu

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