Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washingon, Seattle, Washington

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Research Interests

I'm a Senior Physicist at the Polar Science Center of the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington. My research interests are centered in observing and understanding the changes we are seeing in the Arctic ice pack. My activities include

  • compiling a new unified sea ice thickness climate data record from moorings, submarines, aircraft, and satellites;
  • analyzing high-resolution ice deformation data from satellite radar images; analyzing model ice movement and growth in the Arctic to determine the causes of recent declines in the sea ice extent;
  • using remote sensing data to help determine the heat flux carried by Pacific water in to the Arctic Ocean;
  • and working on methods of predicting sea ice extent on seasonal time scales. I also pursue interests in data assimilation, statistical analysis, ice dynamics and kinematics, and climate change in the Arctic.