Fram Strait Details

WOA '98 and WOA '05 Fram Strait Salinity Sections

Below are monthly salinity section plots of Fram Strait at latitude 78.5 from WOA '98 and WOA '05.
The problems highlighted below in WOA '98 sections exist in PHC 3.0 as well. These salinity anomalies
do not exist in the WOA '05 fields on the right, and will go away in PHC when we update it using these fields.

Fram Strait Isolated Temperature Anomalies at 800m

Plotted below are WOA '98 and WOA '05 monthly temperature fields at 800m. In both data fields, the circular shaped localized cooler temperature near greenland is evident. A better representation of Fram Strait would have this cooler water extend along Greenland's coast. Similarly, the warmer temperatures on the opposite side should also extend more north and south rather than being localized. More data is required to properly resolve this region.

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