PHC Technical Details

The Polar science center Hydrographic Climatology was first created in 2000, and has since undergone several upgrades. Each successive upgrade builds on the principles developed in previous versions. The following links will guide you through the technical details.

PHC 2.0 This link takes you to the html version of the first publication describing PHC (J. Climate, 2001). It describes the motivation and the general processes used to create PHC. This article is also available in pdf format: J. Climate Article: pdf
PHC 2.1 This link describes the updates made to PHC 2.0, published on this site on Dec. 23rd, 2002. The primary motivation for upgrading to PHC 2.1 was to produce a more realistic representation of the Canadian Archipelago. This involved using additional data, and redefining regions and parameters in the region. If after reading the information available though this link you desire more detailed information, it's available here: PHC 2.1 detailed report
PHC 3.0 This link describes the updates made to PHC 2.1, published on this site in March 2005. The motivations for upgrading to PHC 3.0 were to eliminate a slight discontinuity in the temperature fields at latitude 83.5, and to correct some density inversions.

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