PHC 2.1 Detailed Report

(posted on May 21, 2003)


2. Stages in the Creation of Winter PHC 2.1

3. Monthly Fields: some additional details


It's advisable to first read the PHC 2.1 Overview for an introduction to PHC, as well as About the Upgrade from PHC 2.0 for a summary of what it provides relative to the World Ocean Atlas (WOA, Levitus), and PHC 2.0. All of the basic details of what PHC 2.1 is are presented there. The following report will present the finer details involved in creating the new PHC 2.1 fields.


The three sources of input data used in the creation of PHC 2.1 were AOA, WOA, and BIO. These data were prepared based on our goal of providing a well represented Arctic Ocean, while maintaining the high quality world atlas provided by NODC (Levitus) over the rest of the globe. This was accomplished by decimating the WOA fields in our "Arctic Region" where the fields were based on fewer than two actual observations. We replenished this region with the high quality Arctic Ocean Atlas (AOA) fields prior to our optimal interpolation (OI) procedure. The decimation of the WOA fields, however, left the Canadian Archipelago region and surrounding bays underepresented, a deficiency we compensated for with the BIO data.

Each data source is described in turn below, followed by a more detailed discussion of the steps taken to prepare each for the optimal interpolation routine.