Product II: Temperature and Salinity Monthly Fields

We created monthly salinity and temperature fields with a high quality Arctic Ocean by merging Levitus' 1998 analyzed monthly fields with synthetic AOA analyzed monthly fields. Monthly AOA fields were not available. We had to create them by fitting the available seasonal data to a cyclic funtion. Details on how this was done can be found in the PHC paper: Creating Monthly AOA Fields

Once the AOA monthly fields were created, these fields and the WOA monthly fields were prepared for the interpolation exactly as they were for the seasonal fields. (2: Data Preparation)

The parameters used in the optimal interpolation between these two monthly data sets were the same as for the seasonal fields. (3. Interpolation Procedure)

Field Depths:
There are 24 depths available for the monthly fields. These are (in meters):
     0   150    800    
    10   200    900    
    20   250   1000      
    30   300   1100    
    50   400   1200 
    75   500   1300   
   100   600   1400 
   125   700   1500

Below 1500 meters, the seasonal variation becomes too slight to create distinguishable months. If you require data deeper than this, use the seasonal fields (available down to 5500 meters).