Data Sources in the Archipelago

Quality winter data in the Archipelago Region was scarce even in the BIO data base. More detailed information about how we acquired, filtered, and interpolated this data onto standard PHC depths can be found in the PHC 2.1 Detailed Report.

To upgrade our product to PHC 2.1, we incorporated select data from BIO's database. Below, illustrated on a blow up of the Archipelago region, are the actual winter value inputs into the optimal interpolation(oi) routine from each of the three data sets. Only winter surface temperature is shown, but they demonstrate where data profiles exist for both temperature and salinity. Many of these profiles do not extend all the way to the ocean floor. Profiles of the BIO data used as inputs into the oi routine appear in the PHC 2.1 Detailed Report.

Winter Surface Temperature
Bedford Data
WOA Data
EWG Data

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