Example of WOA Decimation


Temperature (Degrees C)

This is the average of WOA's March, April, and May fields, which is PHC 3.0's definition of Winter. This definition of winter was required because the AOA winter fields are based on data from March, April, and May. This shows the # of observations on which the WOA field was based. Purple and blue indicate 0 and 1 observation. The WOA winter field is based on little data in the Arctic. We decimated the WOA "Winter" field where fewer than 2 observations existed in our defined "Arctic Region" (outlined black below) to eliminate values in the field with high error probability. In addition to this, all profiles in the Arctic Region with surface values greater than .5 above freezing were eliminated (these occured in Baffin Bay and James Bay). The remaining values were used as input into the oi routine

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