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"If it were possible to observe the state of stress in sea ice on a large scale, or to deduce it from an ensemble of observable small-scale mechanical events, there would have been no reason to conduct the laborious and costly experiment described in these proceedings. Since neither approach is feasible, it was the essential purpose of AIDJEX to generate a data set suitable for testing available concepts and ideas, and to find practically usable flow laws by way of their success in reproducing observations. So the needed data were defined, and a field program was planned and executed without major deviations. Despite the risks and difficulties inherent to all field work in the harsh environment of drifting pack ice, the project was completed without loss of life or serious injury to any of the more than 200 participants.

Supporters and participants alike may take pride in the words of Richard Goody, who introduced this symposium [Sea Ice Processes and Models; 6-9 Sept. 1977] and summarized his role as impartial reviewer for the National Academy of Sciences by saying, 'There were rather few problems with AIDJEX…, it was clearly well planned and sharply focused. It had objectives which were comprehensible and of obvious relevance to a range of disciplines. Success would be easy to evaluate…'"

- Norbert Untersteiner
Project Director, 1971-1977
from Sea Ice Processes and Models

Download a review of the AIDJEX program written by Dr. Untersteiner and see the contents of the book "Sea Ice Processes and Models: Proceedings of the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment International Commission on Snow and Ice Symposium"

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