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Title page from Sea Ice Processes and Models; edited by Robert S. Pritchard

Table of Contents


N. Untersteiner

M. D. Coon
A Review of AIDJEX Modeling

C. A. Paulson
A Review of the AIDJEX Atmospheric Program

Kenneth Hunkins
Review of the AIDJEX Oceanographic Program


Robert S. Pritchard
A Simulation of Nearshore Winter Ice Dynamics in the Beaufort Sea

Miles G. McPhee
An Analysis of Pack Ice Drift in Summer

W. W. Denner and L. D. Ashim
Operational Determination of Wind Stress on the Arctic Ice Pack

R. T. Hall
A Test of the AIDJEX Ice Model Using Landsat Images

D. A. Rothrock, R. Colony, and A. S. Thorndike
Testing Pack Ice Constitutive Laws with Stress Divergence Measurements

R. S. Pritchard and D. R. Thomas
The Range of Influence of Boundary Parameters in the AIDJEX Model

R. Colony and D. A. Rothrock
A Perspective of the Time-dependent Response of the AIDJEX Model

Richard T. Schwaegler and Robert S. Pritchard
AIDJEX Model Response to Axisymmetric Loadings

A. S. Thorndike
Tests of the Ice Thickness Distribution Theory

R. T. Hall
AIDJEX Modeling Group Studies Involving Remote Sensing Data

W. D. Hibler III
Modeling Pack Ice as a Viscous-Plastic Continuum: Some Preliminary Results

D. S. Sodhi and W. D. Hibler III
Nonsteady Ice Drift in the Strait of Belle Isle

C. H. Ling, L. A. Rasmussen and W. J. Campbell
A Continuum Sea Ice Model for a Global Climate Model

V. R. Neralla, W. S. Liu, S. Venkatesh and M. B. Danard
Techniques for Predicting Sea Ice Motion

G. F. Herman and W. T. Johnson
The Effect of Extreme Sea Ice Variations on the Climatology of the Goddard General Circulation Model

Claire L. Parkinson and Warren M. Washington
Summary of a Large-Scale Sea-Ice Model

Terrance D. Ralston
Yield and Plastic Deformation in Ice Crushing Failure


A. S. Thorndike and R. Colony
Large-Scale Ice Motion in the Beaufort Sea During AIDJEX, April 1975-April 1976

W. B. Tucker, W. F. Weeks, A. Kovacs and A. J. Gow
Nearshore Ice Motion at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

T. Tabata, T. Kawamura and M. Aota
Divergence and Rotation of an Ice Field off Okhatsk Sea Coast of Hokkaido

Peter Wadhams
A Comparison of Sonar and Laser Profiles Along Corresponding Tracks in the Arctic Ocean

W. F. Weeks, W. B. Tucker III, M. Frank and S. Fungcharoen
Characterization of Surface Roughness and Floe Geometry of Sea Ice Over the Continental Shelves of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas

Michael A. Bilello
Decay Patterns of Fast Sea Ice in Canada and Alaska

Vernon A. Squire and Alastair J. Allan
Propagation of Flexural Gravity Waves in Sea Ice

N. W. Wilson and T. S. Sarma
Prediction of Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer During Laminar Forces Convective Melting of Ice in Saline Water

Ian Allison and Graeme Akerman
Sea Ice and Ocean Energy Balance Studies at Mawson, Antarctica

D. G. Barnett
A Long-Range Ice Forecasting Method for the North Coast of Alaska

John E. Walsh
Empirical Orthogonal Functions and the Statistical Predictability of Sea Ice Extent


R. A. Brown
Planetary Boundary Layer Modeling for AIDJEX

Mark Albright
Geostrophic Wind Calculations for AIDJEX

Pat Martin, Mel Clarke, Dave Short, and Mark Albright
One Year of Barometry on the Frozen Ocean

E. Leavitt
Surface-based Air Stress Measurements Made During AIDJEX

E. G. Banks, S. D. Smith and R. J. Anderson
Drag Coefficients and AIDJEX from Sonic Anemometer Measurements

F. D. Carsey
The Boundary Layer Height in Air Stress Measurement

David I. Katz
Air Stress Measurements from an Aircraft

M. P. Langleben
Water Drag Coefficient at AIDJEX, Station Caribou


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