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AIDJEX Bulletin Table of Contents

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  1. AIDJEX Bulletin #1: Scientific Plan - May 1970
  2. AIDJEX Bulletin #2: Theoretical Discussions - October 1970
    • Introduction
    • The Kinematics and Mechanical Behavior of Pack Ice- D. A. Rothrock
    • Latest Experiments with Ice Rheology- W. Campbell and A. Rasmussen
    • Notes on a Possible Constitutive Law for Arctic Sea Ice- R. J. Evans
    • Thoughts on a Viscous Model for Sea Ice- John W. Glen
    • The Pressure Term on the Constitutive Law of an Ice Pack- D. A. Rothrock
    • A Study of Ice Dynamics Relevant to AIDJEX- Harold Solomon
    • Techniques for Measuring Strain Rate- Alan Throndike
    • Bibliography
    • Power Spectrum Analysis of Ice Ridges- William D. Hibler III and Leonard A. LeSchack
  3. AIDJEX Bulletin #3: Selected Soviet Research - November 1970
    • Results of Expedition Investigations of the Drift and Dynamics of the Ice Cover of the Arctic Basin During the Spring of 1961- A. V. Bushuyev, N. A. Volkov, Z. M. Gudkovich, and V. S. Loshchilov
    • On a Method of Calculating the Compactness and Drift of Ice Floes- Yu. P. Doronin
    • Principles of a Method for Calculating the Ice Redistribution Under the Influence of Wind During the Navigation Period in Arctic Seas- E. G. Nikiforov, Z. M. Gudkovich, Yu. N. Yefimov, and M. A. Romanov
    • Dynamics of the ice Cover and Changes in Its Compactness- L. A. Timokhov
    • One-dimentional Stochastic Ice Drift- L. A. Timokhov
    • Dynamics and kinematics of Ice Floes- L. A. Timokhov
    • On Relief Forms of Floating Ice- G. N. Yakovlev
    • Bulletin No. 2 Errata
  4. AIDJEX Bulletin #4: Water Stress Studies - January 1971
    • AIDJEX Oceanographic Investigations- J. Dungan Smith
    • A Report of the 1970 AIDJEX Pilot Study- L. K. Coachman and J. Dungan Smith
    • An Arctic Under-Ice Diving Experiment- Patrick Martin
    • 1971 AIDJEX Water Stress Pilot Studies
      • Introduction- J. Dungan Smith
      • Lamont Measurements of Water Stress and Ocean Currents- Kenneth Hunkins
      • University of Washington Water Stress Studies- Kenneth Hunkins and J. Dungan Smith
    • References
  5. AIDJEX Bulletin #5: 1971 Pilot Studies- Remote Sensing and Ice Morphology- February 1971
    • Remote Sensing, Ice Mechanics and Morphology an Outline of t he Problem- M. P. Langleben and E. R. Pounder
    • Remote Sensing and Ground Truth Investigations- W. J. Campbell
    • CRREL-USGS Ice Mechanics and Morphology Program- W. Weeks and A. Kovacs
    • NASA Flight Program- E. Petersen
    • U.S. Coast Guard Research Relevant to AIDJEX- J. Johnson, J. McIntosh, and L. Breslau
    • NAVOCEANO Participation in AIDJEX- Robert D. Ketchum
    • NOAA Satellite Resources Available to AIDJEX- Michael H. Fleming
    • 1971 Pilot Study Summaries
    • AIDJEX Spokesmen- J. O. Fletcher
    • Logistics Support for AIDJEX-71 Pilot Studies- Rolf Bjornert
    • 1971 Pilot Study Time Schedule
    • Numerical Modeling Group Session
  6. AIDJEX Bulletin #6: Ice Dynamics - March 1971
    • Measurement of Tilt of a Frozen Sea- J. R. Weber and R. L. Lillestrand
    • Ice Balance in the Arctic Ocean- Roy M. Koerner
    • On the Relation Between Turbulent and Averaged Ice-Floe Motion (translation)- L. a. Timokhov
    • Abstracts
    • Progress Report, 1971 AIDJEX Pilot Study
    • AIDJEX Mailing List
  7. AIDJEX Bulletin #7: Arctic Data Buoy and Positioning Systems - April 1971
    • Arctic Data Buoy
      • The Soviet Darms- Serge M. Olenicoff
      • Sono-Drift-Buoys- Defense Research Establishment Pacific (Canada)
      • Experimental Arctic Data Buoy- Dean P. Haugen
      • A Remote Automatic Multipurpose Station (RAMS)- Beaumont M. Buck, Rex P. Brumbach, Jr., and Walter P. Brown
    • Positioning
      • The Navigation of Fletcher's Ice Island (T-3)- K. Hunkins and John Hall
      • AIDJEX Mesoscale Measurements- William J. Campbell
      • A Review of Radio Positioning for AIDJEX- Pat Martin
  8. AIDJEX Bulletin #8: 1971 Pilot Study Narratives - May 1971
    • Foreword
    • CRREL-USGS Program at Camp 200- W. F. Weeks and W. J. Campbell
    • Report of NASA Convair 990 Remote-Sensing Missions Over AIDJEX Site, March 9-16, 1971- Ann D. Moen
    • Lamont Ocean Current Program- Kenneth Hunkins
    • University of Washington Oceanographic Studies- L. K. Coachman and J. Dungan Smith
    • 1971 Arctic Floe Studies, Arctic Submarine Lab- James H. Brown
    • Logistics Report of the 1971 AIDJEX Pilot Study- Rolf Bjornert
  9. AIDJEX Bulletin #9: AIDJEX Planning Conference - August 1971
    • Preface- N. Untersteiner and J. O. Fletcher
    • Introduction
    • AIDJEX Planning Conference Minutes
    • AIDJEX Organization
    • Mathematical Model of Two-Phase Flow for the Dynamics of Pack Ice in the Arctic Ocean- S. I. Pai and Huon Li
    • Correction, Bulletin #7
  10. AIDJEX Bulletin #10: TRUDY (Transactions), Vol. 296- Problems and Results of Investigations of the Interaction Between the Atmosphere and the Ocean - September 1971
    • Role of the Polar Regions in Global Investigations of the Oceanic and Atmospheric Circulation- E. P. Borisenkov and A. F. Treshnikov
    • Interaction Between the Atmosphere and the Ocean (Basic Problems)- Yu. P. Doronin
    • Investigation of the Interaction Between the Atmosphere and the Ocean in the Arctic by Means of Hydrodynamical Models- Yu. P. Doronin
    • Integration of the Full Equations of Hydrothermodynamics in the Numerical Forecasting of Meteorological Fields- A. P. Nagurnyi
    • A Problem in the Forecasting of the Geopotential and Wind Fields with the Aid of Energy Models- E. P. Borisenkov
    • The Role of Cloudiness in Variations of the Thermobaric Field in the Atmosphere- Yu. P. Doronin and I. V. Semenova
    • Analogous Energy Levels in the Atmosphere and the Ocean- E. P. Borisenkov and A. P. Nagurnyi
    • Large-Scale Interaction Between the Ocean and the Atmosphere (literature review)- V. P. Khrol
    • Some Physical and Statistical Characteristics of the Water and Air-temperature Fields in the North Atlantic- O. A. Vladimirov and Yu. V. Nikolsev
    • Detection of a Hidden Periodicity in a Set of Multidimensional Quantities- Yu. V. Nikolsev
    • Semi-annual Periodicity in the Seasonal Change of Some Hydrometerorological Quantities in the North Atlantic- O. A. Vladimirov, Yu. V. Nikolsev, and N. P. Smirnov
    • Investigation of the Turbulence of the Lower Atmospheric Layer Over the Ocean- A. S. Ordanovich, A. P. Nagurnyi, and V. D. Andreev
    • Effect of Measurement Errors Upon the Accuracy of Determinations of the Vertical Temperature Profile from Outgoing Microwave Radiation- T. I. Bazlova
  11. AIDJEX Bulletin #11 - November 1971
    • Preface- N. Untersteiner
    • The Polar Experiment- E. P. Borisenkov and A. F. Treshnikov (translated by S. M. Olenicoff)
    • The American "Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment" Project- A. F. Treshnikov, E. P. Borisenkov, N. A. Volkov, and E. G. Nikiforov (translated by S. M. Olenicoff)
    • Translations Now Under Contract
    • Scientific Operations of the 1972 AIDJEX Pilot Study
    • Logistics Plan for the 1972 AIDJEX Pilot Study- Rolf Bjornert and Andreas Heiberg
    • Safety Precautions on the Ice- N. Untersteiner
  12. AIDJEX Bulletin #12 - February 1972
    • Progress Report on 25cm Radar Observations of the 1971 AIDJEX Studies- T. W. Thompson, R. J. Bishop, and W. E. Brown
    • A Study of a Multiyear Pressure Ridge in the Beaufort Sea, 1971- A. Kovacs, W. F. Weeks, S. Ackley, and W. D. Hibler III
    • Turbulence Measurements Over Ice at Camp 200, 1971- E. G. Banke and S. D. Smith
    • Water Stress and Ocean Current Measurements at Camp 200, 1971- K. Hunkins
    • Water and Ice Motion in the Beaufort Sea, Spring 1970- L. K. Coachman and J. L. Newton
    • Spatial Aspects of Pressure Ridge Statistics- S. J. Mock, A. D. Hartwell, and W. D. Hibler III
    • Statistical Aspects of Sea-Ice Ridge Distributions- W. D. Hibler III, W. K. Weeks, and S. J. Mock
    • Table of Contents, Trudy 303
  13. AIDJEX Bulletin #13 - May 1972
    • Airphoto Analysis of Ice Deformation in the Beaufort Sea, March 1971- Allan D. Hartwell
    • Mesoscale Strain Measurements of the Beaufort Sea Pack Ice (AIDJEX 1971)- W. D. Hibler III, W. F. Weeks, S. Ackley, A. Kovacs, and W. J. Campbell
    • Top and Bottom Roughness of a Multiyear Ice Floe- W. D. Hibler III, S. Ackley, W. F. Weeks, and A. Kovacs
    • The Measurement of Conductivity and Temperature in the Sea for Salinity Determination- E. L. Lewis and R. B. Sudar
    • Salinity Calculations from In Situ Measurements- R. G. Perkin and E. R. Walker
  14. AIDJEX Bulletin #14: 1972 Pilot Study - July 1972
    • Introduction
    • Telegram from NSF
    • Camp Operations
      • Operations and Logistics Support (Heiberg and Bjornert)
      • Medical and Surgical Report (Goddard, M. D.)
    • Project Summaries
      • NASA-AIDJEX Remote-Sensing Overflights (Campbell)
      • Aerojet General Microwave Investigations (Edgerton)
      • NASA Ground Truth/Physical Sea Ice (Ramseier)
      • Microwave Measurement of Ice Thickness (Barrington)
      • NAVOCEANO Field Participation(Wittmann)
      • Mesoscale Strain and Ice Morphology (Weeks)
      • Microscale Strain Experiment (Tabata)
      • Radiation Flux Investigation (Weller)
      • Accelerometer Experiment (Evans)
      • Ocean Tilt (Weber)
      • Univ. of Calif. (Davis) Field Studies (Goddard)
      • McGill Ice Physics Group Activities (Pounder, Langleban)
      • Wind Stress, Heat Flux Determinations (Smith, Banke)
      • Sonic Anemometer Measurements of Wind Stress (Businger)
      • Surface Boundary Layer Study (J. D. Smith)
      • Geostrophic Flow Investigation (Coachman)
      • Lamont-Doherty Geological Project (Hunkins)
      • Acoustic Bottom Referencing System (AIDJEX)
      • Data Buoy Program (AIDJEX)
    • Preliminary Data
      • Station Positions, Azimuths, Weather (AIDJEX)
      • Preliminary Data Sheets (137 pages)
  15. AIDJEX Bulletin #15: AIDJEX Scientific Plan - August 1972
    • Acknowledgment
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Scientific Objectives
    • Experiment Design
      • Station Array
      • Sea-ice Observations
      • Atmospheric Observations
      • Oceanographic Observations
      • Data Management
    • Analysis and Modeling
      • Modeling the Ice
      • Initial and Boundary Conditions
      • Driving Forces
    • Practical Applications of AIDJEX
      • Ice Forecasting
      • Climate and Sea Ice
      • Ice Engineering and Surface Transportation
      • Defense Applications
      • Oil Pollution
    • Appendix
    • References
  16. AIDJEX Bulletin #16: TRUDY, AANII, Vol. 303 (first half) - October 1972
    • Cyclic Variation of the Ice-Cover Coefficient of the Arctic Seas- Volkov and Sleptsov-Shevlevich
    • Testing a Numerical Model of Spring-Summer Redistribution of Sea Ice- Doronin, Zhukovskaya, and Smetannikova
    • Many-Year Variations of the Ice Coverage of the Greenland Sea and Methods of Forecasting it- Kirillov and Khromtsova
    • Manifestation of Atmospheric Cycles in Ice-cover Coefficient- Zakharov
    • Application of Discriminant Analysis to Long-Range Ice Forecasting for the Arctic Seas- Nikolaev and Kovalev
    • The Effect of Long-period Tides on Ice Conditions in the Arctic Seas- Vorob'ev and Gudkovich
    • Results of the Study of Non uniform Ice Drift in the Arctic Basin- Volkov, Gudkovich, and Uglev
    • Excitation of Compressive Stresses in Ice During the Hydrodynamic Stage of Compact Ice Drift- Kheisin
    • The Effect of Long-period Tides on Ice Drift in the Arctic Basin- Gudkovich and Evdokimov
    • Ice Drift in an Inhomogeneous Pressure Field- Egorov
    • Wave Drift of an Isolated Floe- Arikainen
  17. AIDJEX Bulletin #17: TRUDY, AANII, Vol. 303 (first second) - December 1972
    • Seasonal Features of the "Polar Tide" Pressure Wave Over the Arctic- Gudkovich and Sansevich
    • The Relation of the Resultant Monthly Average Wind to the Pressure Gradient- Nikolaeva
    • Experimental Determination of the Wind Drag on an Ice Sheet- Karelin and Timokhov
    • Statistical Characteristics of Some Ice Cover Parameters in the Arctic- Buzuev and Dubovtsev
    • Estimating the Lateral Melting of Drift Ice- Nazintsev
    • Snow Accumulation on Kara Ice Sheet- Nazintsev
    • Shear Measurements of Natural Ice with Optical Theodolites- Legen'kov, Uglev, and Blinov
    • Observations of Ice Motion with Optical Theodolites on the Severnyi Polyus-17 Drifting Station- Legen'kov and Uglev
    • Application of Computers for Determining Age Characteristics of Arctic Ice- Novikov
  18. AIDJEX Bulletin #18 - February 1973
    • AIDJEX Field Operations, Fall 1972- Andy Heiberg
    • Observations of Ice Motion and Interior Flow Field During 1971 AIDJEX Pilot Study- J. L. Newton and L. K. Coachman
    • Diving Report, 1972 AIDJEX Pilot Study- M. Welch, E. Partch, H. Lee, and J. Dungan Smith
    • Some Seasonal Variations of the Ice Cover in the Beaufort Sea: Evidence of Microscale Ice Dynamics Phenomena- R. J. DeRycke
    • Mapping the Underside of Arctic Sea Ice by Backscattering Sound- J. M. Berkson, C. S. Clay, and T. K. Kan
    • Circulation of an Incompressible Ice Cover- D.A. Rothrock
    • Crack Propagation in Sea Ice: A Finite Element Approach- B. Mukherji
    • AIDJEX and the AGU Symposium
      • Some Impressions of AIDJEX- C. Rooth
      • Abstracts
    • Determining the Strength of Sea Ice Sheets- M. Mohaghegh
  19. AIDJEX Bulletin #19 - March 1973
    • Salinity Variations in Sea Ice- G. F. N. Cox and W. F. Weeks
    • 1972 AIDJEX Interior Flow Field Study Preliminary Report and Comparison with Previous Results- J. L. Newton and L. K. Coachman
    • Air Friction and Form Drag on Arctic Sea Ice- S. P. S. Arya
    • Mechanical Models of Ridging in the Arctic Sea Ice Cover- R. Reid Parmerter and Max D. Coon
    • Spatial Variability of Topside and Bottomside Ice Roughness and its RElevance to Underside Acoustic Reflection Loss- Thomas L. Kozo and Orest I. Diachok
    • Read Any Good Abstracts Lately?
    • AIDJEX Data Bank Digital Data Indices and Preliminary User's Guide
  20. AIDJEX Bulletin #20 - May 1973
    • On the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Theory and Methods- R. A. Brown
    • Some Critical Remarks on Turbulent Diffusion Theory on Ice Dynamics- S. I. Pai and Huon Li
    • Data Management Report on 1972 AIDJEX Pilot Study
    • Abstracts of Interest
    • Contents of Past AIDJEX Bulletins
  21. AIDJEX Bulletin #21 - July 1973
    • The Physical Meaning of Two-Dimentional Stresses in a Floating Ice Cover- J. F. Nye
    • The Meaning of Two-Dimentional Strain-rate in a Floating Ice Cover- J. F. Nye
    • Is There any Physical Basis for Assuming Linear Viscous Behavior for Sea Ice?- J. F. Nye
    • A Note on the Power Spectra of Sea-Ice Profiles- J. F. Nye
    • An Approach to Coupling the Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Arctic Sea Ice- G. A. Maykut and A. S. Thorndike
    • On the Thickness Distribution of Sea Ice- A. S. Thorndike and G. A. Maykut
    • The Steady Drift of an Incompressible Arctic Ice Cover- D. A. Rothrock
    • Spatial and Temporal Variations in Mesoscale Strain in Sea Ice- W. D. Hibler, W. F. Weeks, A. Kovacs, and S. F. Ackley
    • Comparison of Mesoscale Strain Measurements with Linear Drift Theory Predictions- W. D. Hibler III
    • Numerical Integration of Quadrilateral Elements in the Finite Element Method- B. Mukherji
    • A Method for Calculating Boundary Stress in an Atmospheric Boundary Layer- C. H. Ling
    • Sonar Mapping of the Underside of Pack Ice- T. K. Kan, C. S. Clay, and J. M. Berkson
    • Arctic Sea-Ice Ridge Frequency Distributions Derived from Laser Profiles- W. B. Tucker III and V. H. Westhall
    • Index of AIDJEX Pictorial Data
    • A New Arctic Journal
    • Abstracts of Interest
    • Out of Print Bulletins Now Available
  22. AIDJEX Bulletin #22: Arctic Data Buoys - August 1973
    • Arctic Data Buoys and AIDJEX- Pat Martin
    • The Soviet DARMS Program: Twenty Years of Development, Deployment, and Data- S. M. Olenicoff
    • The Arctic Data Buoy, A System for Environmental Monitoring in the Arctic- Dean P. Haugen and Edmund G. Kerut
    • Shrams and Lorams: Two Unmanned Data Telemetry Systems for Ice Covered Seas- Walter P. Brown
    • Using the Navy Navigation Satellite System to Determine the Position of a Drifting Buoy- Edwin A. Westerfield
    • Barometric Pressure Measurements from Buoys During AIDJEX 1972- Pat Martin
    • A Resonant Capsule Pressure Transducer for Data Buoys- Elliott H. Kahn
    • Communicating with your Head- James Stevenson
  23. AIDJEX Bulletin #23 - January 1974
    • The AIDJEX Lead Experiment- C. A. Paulson and J. Dungan Smith
    • Subsurface Eddies in the Arctic Ocean- Kenneth L. Hunkins
    • Three Notes on the Theory of Sea-Ice Movement- J. F. Nye
    • A Relation Between the Potential Energy Produced by Ridging and the Mechanical Work Required to Deform Pack Ice- D. A. Rothrock
    • Redistribution Functions and Their Yield Surfaces in a Plastic Theory of Pack Ice Deformation- D. A. Rothrock
    • Dimensionless Strength Parameters for Floating Ice Sheets- R. Reid Parmerter
    • A Mechanical Model of Rafting- R. Reid Parmerter
    • On the Calculation of the Roughness Parameter of Sea Ice- Chi-Hai Ling and Norbert Untersteiner
    • Classification and Variation of Sea Ice Ridging in the Arctic Basin- W. D. Hibler III, S. J. Mock, and W. B. Tucker III
    • Similarity Constants in the Stratified Planetary Boundary Layer- R. A. Brown
    • Abstracts of Interest
  24. AIDJEX Bulletin #24: Numerical Modeling Report - May 1974
    • Modeling the Pack Ice as an Elastic-Plastic Material- M. D. Coon, G. A. Maykut, R. S. Pritchard, D. A. Rothrock, and A. S. Thorndike
    • Strain Calculations Using AIDJEX 1972 Position Data- A. S. Thorndike
    • Fracture of Ice Sheets Due to Isostatic Imbalance- R. T. Schwaegler
    • Abstracts of Interest
    • Correction for Bulletin 23
  25. AIDJEX Bulletin #25 - July 1974
    • Dynamics and Morphology of Beaufort Sea Ice Determined from Satellites, Aircraft, and Drifting Stations- W. J. Campbell, P. Gloersen, W. Nordberg, and T. T. Wilheit
    • ERTS-1 Imagery Acquired by the AIDJEX Data Bank- M. J. Stateman
    • Structuring Large-Capacity Computer Programs- B. Mukherji
    • A Climate Simulation Model Applied to Arctic Pack Ice- W. B. Goddard
    • Thickness and Roughness Variations of Arctic Multi-Year Sea Ice- S. Ackley, W. Hibler III, F. Kugzruk, A. Kovacs, and W. Weeks
    • Height Variations Along Sea Ice Pressure Ridges and the Probability of Finding "Holes" for Vehicle Crossings- W. D. Hibler III and S. F. Ackley
    • A Sea Ice Terrain Model and Its Application to Surface Vehicle Trafficability- W. D. Hibler III and S. F. Ackley
  26. AIDJEX Bulletin #26 - September 1974
    • Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment, Progress 1970-1974- N. Untersteiner
    • AIJEX Lead Experiment, Spring 1974, Field Operations Report- A. Heiberg
    • Measurements of Arctic Ocean Ice Deformation and Fracture Patterns from Satellite Imagery- S. Ackley and W. Hibler III
    • One-Dimentional Difference Scheme for an Elastic-Plastic Sea Ice Model- R. Pritchard and R. Colony
    • What? Strain? What Strain?- R. Pritchard
    • Ocean Current Observations at the AIDJEX 1972 Main Camp- K. Hunkins and M. Fliegel
    • The Oceanic Boundary Layer and Ice-Water Stress During AIDJEX 1972- K. Hunkins
    • Theoretical Calculations of Internal Wave Drag on Sea Ice- F. Rigby
    • An Estimate of Internal Wave Drag on Pack Ice- K. Hunkins
    • A Simple Momentum Integral Model R. Brown
    • On Possible Constitutive Equations for Sea Ice- K. Hutter
    • Surface Atmospheric Pressure Fields and Derived Geostrophic Winds, AIDJEX 1972- R. Brown, P. Maier, and T. Fox
  27. AIDJEX Bulletin #27 - November 1974
    • The Use of Satellite Photographs to Give the Movement and Deformation of Sea Ice- J. F. Nye and D. R. Thomas
    • The Remote Sensing Program Required for the AIDJEX Model- W. F. Weeks, Max D. Coon, and W. J. Campbell
    • Elastic Strain in the AIDJEX Sea Model- R. S. Pritchard
    • The Energetics of Plastic Deformation in Pack Ice- D. A. Rothrock
    • Comparison of Shear Stress Calculations Between Two Profile Methods Using Some Drag-Plate Measurements- Chi-Hai Ling
    • Hydrostatic Leveling on Floating Ice- J. R. Weber
    • Ice Island Report- P. Martin and A. Thorndike
    • Reports from the Principal Investigators, AIDJEX Lead Experiment
    • Effect of Open Leads on the Exchange of CO2 Between the Atmosphere and Surface Sea Water- J. J. Kelley
    • Oceanographic Investigations During the AIDJEX Lead Experiment- J. Dungan Smith
    • Turbidity in the Arctic Atmosphere- B. Holmgren, G. Shaw, and G. Weller
    • Local Radiation Fluxes Over Open and Freezing Leads in the Polar Pack Ice- B. Holmgrem and G. Weller
    • SODAR Investigations of the Effect of Open Leads on the Boundary Layer Structure Over the Arctic Basin- B. Holmgren and L. Spears
  28. AIDJEX Bulletin #28 - March 1975
    • Meteorological Observations During the AIDJEX Main Experiment- C. A. Paulson and D. L. Bell
    • Determination of Air Stress from AIDJEX Surface Layer Data- E. Leavitt
    • Measurement of Form Drag on Ice Ridge- E. G. Banke and S. D. Smith
    • A Drag-partition Theory for Determining the Large-scale Roughness Parameter and Wind Stress on Arctic Pack Ice- S. P. S. Arya
    • The Oceanographic Program for the AIDJEX Main Experiment- K. Hunkins
    • Geostrophic Drag Coefficients for Resistance Between Pack Ice and Ocean- K. Hunkins
    • Ice and Ocean Tilt Measurements in the Beaufort Sea- J. R. Weber and M. Erdelyi
    • The Boundary Determination Problem for the AIDJEX Ocean- R. Colony
    • On the Continuum Approximation for the AIDJEX Model- R. J. Evans
    • Discontinuities in the AIDJEX Model- J. F. Nye
    • Suggested Procedure for Observing Ice Displacement, Strain, and Thickness Distribution During the AIDJEX Main Experiment- J. F. Nye
    • A Test of the Ice Thickness Redistribution Equations by Measurements of ERTs Pictures- J. F. Nye
    • Heat Exchange in the Upper Arctic Ocean- T. D. Foster
    • A Note on the Dynamics Model of Pack Ice in the Arctic Ocean and its Surrounding Seas- S. I. Pai and H. Li
    • Polar Communications Via Geostationary Satellites- W. J. Helms and H. R. Willard
  29. AIDJEX Bulletin #29 - July 1975
    • Testing the Redistribution of Sea Ice Thickness from ERTs Photographs- D. A. Rothrock and R. T. Hall
    • Remote Sensing Plan for the AIDJEX Main Experiment- W. F. Weeks and W. J. Campbell
    • Measurements of the Turbulent Boundary Under Pack Ice- Miles G. McPhee and J. Dungan Smith
    • Ice-Ocean Momentum Transfer for the AIDJEX Ice Model- Miles G. McPhee
    • Planetary Boundary Layer Models and Parameters for AIDJEX 1975-76- R. A. Brown
    • On Wind-Induced Cracking of Sea-Ice Sheets- M. D. Coon and R. J. Evans
    • Effect of Changing the Yield Surface and the Kinematic Relationship in the AIDJEX Sea Ice Model- R. T. Schwaegler
    • A Model for the Seasonal Ablation and Accretion of Antarctic Sea Ice- Carol H. Pease
    • Field Operations Report for the AIDJEX Main Experiment- Rolf Bjornert
  30. AIDJEX Bulletin #30 - November 1975
    • The Effect of Ice Motion on the Mixed Layer Under Arctic Ice- Miles G. McPhee
    • Fluctuations and Structure Within the Oceanic Boundary Layer Below the Arctic Ice Cover- William O. Criminale, Jr. and G. F. Spooner
    • Integration of Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Laws- R. Colony and R. S. Pritchard
    • A Difference Approximation to the Momentum Equation- Robert S. Pritchard
    • On the Fracture of Ice Sheets with Part-Through Cracks- R. Reid Parmerter
    • The NCAR Electra Flights, A Report
  31. AIDJEX Bulletin #31 - March 1976
    • The AIDJEX Acoustic Radar and Some Preliminary Results- F. D. Carsey
    • The Resistance Law- R. A. Brown
    • The Similarity Planetary Boundary Layer Model with Baroclinicity and Secondary Flow- R. A. Brown
    • Energy Exchange Over Young Sea Ice in the Central Arctic- G. A. Maykut
    • On the Velocity Shear Instability- R. A. Brown
    • Gravitational Stresses in Floating Ice Sheets- R. J. Evans and R. Reid Parmerter
    • Oscillations and Pedestaling on T-3- Dennis J. Hanzlick
    • An Analysis of Sea Ice Bottomside Data in the Denmark Strait- V. H. Westhall and H. Li
    • Techniques for Using Landsat Imagery Without Land References to Study Sea Ice Drift and Deformation- W. D. Hibler, W. B. Tucker, and W. F. Weeks
    • Applications of the AIDJEX Ice Model- R. S. Pritchard and R. T. Schwaegler
    • The Simulation of Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics- Roger Colony
    • Calculations to Test a Pack Ice Model- M. D. Coon, R. Colony, R. S. Pritchard, and D. A. Rothrock
    • A Difference Scheme for the AIDJEX Sea Ice Model- R. S. Pritchard and R. Colony
  32. AIDJEX Bulletin #32: First Data Report - June 1976
    • The AIDJEX Data Report Series- Introduction
    • Ice Position and Velocity Estimates
    • Azimuths of the Manned Camps
    • Deformation of the Manned Array
    • Surface Layer Meteorological Data
    • Atmospheric Surface Pressure
    • Surface Geostrophic Winds
    • The Inversion Height as Determined with Acoustic Radar
    • Oceanic Mixed Layer Characteristics
    • Ocean Current Velocities at 2m and 30m
    • Ice Thickness
    • Snow Depth
  33. AIDJEX Bulletin #33 - September 1976
    • Sea Ice Topography in the Beaufort Sea and its Effect on Oil Containment- Peter Wadhams
    • Antarctic Sea Ice Dynamics and its Possible Climatic Effects- S. F. Ackley and T. E. Keliher
    • Antisymmetric Stress for Sea Ice- Chi-Hai Ling and W. J. Campbell
    • Misgivings on Isostatic Imbalance as a Mechanism for Sea Ice Cracking- S. F. Ackley, W. D. Hibler III, and F. K. Kugzruk
    • A Description of a Model of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer- L. Timokhov, R. Brown, I. Kulakov, E. Leavitt, G. Trushina, and R. Colony
    • Wind and Temperature Profiles Taken During the Arctic Lead Experiment (Summary of Master's Thesis)- Ronald W. Lindsay
    • Disclinations and Catastrophes in the Vector and Tensor Fields of Sea Ice- J. F. Nye
    • A Coordinate System for Two-Dimentional Stress and Strain-Rate and its Application to the Deformation of Sea Ice- J. F. Nye
    • A Coordinate System for Two-Dimentional Stress and Strain-Rate and its Application to the Deformation of Sea Ice- J. F. Nye
    • The Finite Element Method in AIDJEX- E. B. Becker
  34. AIDJEX Bulletin #34 - December 1976
    • Origin of a Bergfield in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea and its Influence on the Sedimentary Environment- L. J. Toimil and Arthur Grantz
    • Evolution of a Large Arctic Pressure Ridge- Fred A. Rigby
    • Simulation of Sea Ice Dynamics During AIDJEX- Robert S. Pritchard, Max D. Coon and Miles G. McPhee
    • An Estimate of the Strength of Arctic Pack Ice- Robert S. Pritchard
    • An Investigation of the Effect of Large-Amplitude Ocean Waves on Antarctic Pack Ice- T. E. Keliher
    • Sea Ice Properties and Geometry- W. F. Weeks
    • Sea Ice Conditions in the Arctic- W. F. Weeks
    • Interaction of Pack Ice with Structures and Associated Ice Mechanics- Colin B. Brown
  35. AIDJEX Bulletin #35 - January 1977
    • AIDJEX Measurements of Sea Ice Motion: 11 April 1975 to 14 May 1976- A. S. Thorndike and J. Y. Cheung
  36. AIDJEX Bulletin #36 - May 1977
    • Ice Forecasting Limitations Imposed by the Accuracy of Atmospheric Prediction Models- John E. Walsh
    • Arctic Continental Shelf Processes and Morphology Related to Sea Ice Zonation, Beaufort Sea, Alaska- R. Reimnitz, L. Toimil, and P. Barnes
    • A Simulation of Inertial Oscillations Observed in the Drift of Manned Ice Stations- M. G. McPhee
    • Pibal/Acoustic Radar Data in Measurement and Computation of Air Stress Over Pack Ice- Frank Carsey and Eric Leavitt
    • Field Calibration Report, AIDJEX Meteorology Program, APril 1975-April 1976- M. Clarke, D. Bell, and E. Leavitt
    • Computation of Air Stress and Sensible Heat Fluxes from Surface Layer Profile Data, AIDJEX, 1975- E. Leavitt, D. Bell, M. Clarke, R. Andersen, and C. Paulson
    • NCAR Electra Planetary Boundary Layer Flights During AIDJEX- R. A. Brown
    • Contents of Past Bulletins
    • Data Available from the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment as of 1 May 1977- Murray J. Stateman
  37. AIDJEX Bulletin #37 - September 1977
    • A Preliminary AIDJEX Model Simulation with 1972 Data- AIDJEX Staff
    • Estimating the Deformation of Sea Ice- A. S. Thorndike and R. Colony
    • Winter Ice Dynamics in the Nearshore Beaufort Sea- R. S. Pritchard, M. D. Coon, M. G. McPhee, and E. Leavitt
    • An Estimation of the Viscous Wind-Driven Circulation of the Arctic Ice Cover Over a Two-year Period- W. D. Hibler III and W. B. Tucker III
    • Characteristics of Arctic Stratus Clouds Over the Beaufort Sea During AIDJEX- K. O. L. F. Jayaweera
    • Tilt-meter Measurements During Collision of Two Floes, 1972 AIDJEX Pilot Study- J. R. Weber
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery of the AIDJEX Triangle- L. Bryan, T. Farr, F. Leberl, and C. Elachi
  38. AIDJEX Bulletin #38 - March 1978
    • The Structure and Evolution of Flow Fields and Other Vector Fields- A. S. Thorndike, C. R. Cooley, and J. F. Nye
    • Response of Sea Ice to One-dimentional Driving Forces and Boundary Perturbations- Robert S. Pritchard and D. R. Thomas
    • A Summary of the Planetary Boundary Layer Model for AIDJEX- R. A. Brown
    • Analysis of AIDJEX Data from a Boundary Layer Profiler, Spring 1976- F. Carsey, D. Short, R. Andersen, D. Bell, R. Brown, M. Clarke, A. Johnson, and E. Leavitt
    • Character of Arctic PBL Structure as Determined by Acoustic Radar- F .D. Carsey
    • Estimation of the Ocean Tide from Ice-Surface Gravity Observations- D. R. Bower and J. R. Weber
    • The Free-Drift Velocity Field Across the AIDJEX Manned Camp Array- M. G. McPhee
    • Radio Anisotrophy of Sea Ice Due to Preferred Azumuthal Orientation of the Horizontal C-Axes of Ice Crystals- Austin Kovacs and Rexford M. Morey
  39. AIDJEX Bulletin #39 - May 1978
    • The Effect of the Oceanic Boundary Layer on the Mean Drift of Pack Ice: Application of a Simple Model- Miles G. McPhee
    • AIDJEX Oceanographic Data Report- Miles G. McPhee
    • Seasonal Photo Mosaics of the AIDJEX Triangle- R. T. Hall
    • Daily Rate of Strain of the AIDJEX Manned Triangle- Roger Colony
    • Construction of Atmospheric Surface Pressure Maps from the AIDJEX Data Set- Mark Albright
    • Report on the AIDJEX Meteorological Experiment- E. Leavitt, M. Albright, and F. Carsey
    • Variations in Planetary Boundary Layer Parameters Observed During AIDJEX- E. Leavitt, M. Albright, and R. Baumann
    • Radiation Program During AIDJEX: A Data Report- C. G. Pautzke and G. F. Hornof
    • Strain Rate History Equivalence Classes for the Pack Ice Hardening Law- R. Parmerter
  40. AIDJEX Bulletin #40 - June 1978
    • Summary of Technical Developments in AIDJEX- Pat Martin
    • Arctic Odyssey-- Five Years of Data Buoys in AIDJEX- Pat Martin and C. R. Gillespie
    • Arctic Environmental Buoy System- Walter P. Brown and Edmund G. Kerut
    • Air Droppable RAMS (ADRAMS) Buoy- Walter P. Brown and Edmund G. Kerut
    • The Synrams Ice Station- Samuel P. Burke and Beaumont M. Buck
    • Performance of MEt/Ocean Buoys in AIDJEX- M. G. McPhee, L. Mangum, and P. Martin
    • A Test of Barometric Pressure and Temperature Measurements from ADRAMS Buoys- Pat Martin and Mel Clarke
    • Position Measurements of AIDJEX Manned Camps Using the Navy Navigation Satellite System- Pat Martin, C. G. Gillespie, Alan Thorndike, and D. Wells
    • Aircraft Logistics and Drifting Buoy Coverage for the First GARP Global Experiment- Pat Martin
    • Mathematical Characteristics of a Plastic Model of Sea Ice Dynamics- Robert S. Pritchard and R. Reimer
    • A Research Plan to Test the AIDJEX Model as an Ice Forecasting Aid- Robert S. Pritchard and Max Coon
    • Final Disposition of AIDJEX Data Bank Files- Murray Stateman
The full set of the AIDJEX Bulletins were converted to PDF files at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena CA under the direction of Dr. Ron Kwok and with financial support from NASA.