Mr. Carl Kippi Giving a Slide Show at the Polar Science Weekend -2008

As a part of our outreach activity, we made an effort to establish a two-way communication between the Barrow community and our research, by inviting a key-note speaker from the Barrow community to Seattle to talk about their experiences of how climate changes in the north has affected local community. We hope this would bring more awareness of climate change to the general public. With assistance of BASC, we invited Mr. Carl Kippi, who is an Inupiat hunter and lives in Barrow, to joint our Polar Science Weekend event for 6-9 March, 2008 at Pacific Science Center, Seattle. Carl talked to various audiences at the Polar Science Weekend on how sea ice variations affect the coastal communities in Barrow (See attached pictures of the events). The Annual Polar Science Weekend is a highly participated outreach program in collaboration between the Polar Science Center and Pacific Science Center in Seattle. There have been two successful events held in the Center, both consisting of four days of activities to introduce the public to the world of polar research. The general activities normally include exhibitions, demonstrations, and lectures by a couple of key-note speakers (more details at "")

In addition to giving community presentations and radio interviews in Barrow, the UAF team has also met with members of the North Slope Borough’s Planning Department to solicit input on potential data or information products of value.




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