NPEO 2000-2011

– NPEO 2013 Drift Track Map –

Recent Atmospheric Data near the North Pole
International Arctic Buoy Programme  (IABP)

NPEO 2013 Polar Area Weather Station ( PAWS ) Buoy
Buoy ID 881920

Parameters reported:

  • Observation Date/Time (UDT) and Position (Latitude °North and Longitude °East)
  • Air Temperature (degrees Celsius) and Atmospheric Pressure (millibars)
  • Wind Direction (Magnetic degrees From) and Wind Speed (meters/second)

These data are automatically updated and subject to a variety of errors  


Mo/Day/Hour  Latitude  Longitude  Temp.  Press.  Direction  Speed

04/18/1500Z  89.147°N   63.164°W  -22.9°C  1004.9mb  110°  2.0m/s 04/18/1200Z  89.151°N   63.564°W  -22.2°C  1006.3mb  111°  2.0m/s 04/18/0900Z  89.153°N   63.947°W  -21.2°C  1007.3mb  120°  2.0m/s 04/18/0600Z  89.156°N   64.264°W  -20.9°C  1008.3mb  141°  2.0m/s 04/18/0300Z  89.159°N   64.542°W  -19.3°C  1009.6mb  134°  2.0m/s 04/18/0000Z  89.164°N   64.792°W  -19.3°C  1010.6mb  170°  2.0m/s 04/17/2100Z  89.168°N   65.010°W  -20.8°C  1011.2mb  121°  2.0m/s 04/17/1800Z  89.172°N   65.195°W  -20.4°C  1012.0mb  147°  2.0m/s 04/17/1600Z  89.175°N   65.322°W  -20.2°C  1012.7mb  143°  1.0m/s 04/03/0600Z  78.222°N   15.656°E   -9.8°C  1013.2mb  287°  2.0m/s 04/03/0300Z  78.222°N   15.656°E  -10.6°C  1013.0mb  281°  4.0m/s 04/03/0000Z  78.222°N   15.656°E  -11.6°C  1012.9mb  292°  4.0m/s 01/01/0000Z  89.175°N   65.328°W  -19.9°C  1012.7mb  140°  1.0m/s