2000 NPEO CTD Survey via Twin Otter


The hydrographic survey consisted of seven stations between the North Pole and our deployment base at Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert, Nunavut, Canada. Click on the Station Number to view the temperature and salinity profiles in a separate window. Figures © (2000) APL, University of Washington.

  Vertical color contour sections of Salinity and Temperature along the green-colored line segnments between CTD stations are available.
CTD Station
Planned Location CTD Location CTD Date/Time Buoy Deployments
90°N 89.680°N   138.770°W 4/22/2000   1401Z


89°N, 90°W 89.043°N   92.050°W 4/24/2000   1843Z AWI
88.5°N, 90°W 89.140°N   64.457°E 4/23/2000   2030Z _
87.5°N, 90°W 87.485°N   90.850°W 4/22/2000   2047Z AWI
86°N, 70°W 85.955°N   68.634°W 4/16/2000   1908Z (fuel cache)
84.9°N, 66°W 84.933°N   67.468°W 4/25/2000   1730Z _
86.7°N, 77°W 86.849°N   96.226°W 4/28/2000   1645Z _

The Historical Trend in North Pole Hydrography shows the changes in salinity and temperature profiles at the North Pole since 1950 and through the 1990s.