CTD station map Click-map of NP2013 CTDs to clickmap of 2014 CTD stations

Jamie Morison of the Polar Science Center, University of Washington, inside the aircraft door tent removes a sample bottle from the cable reaching from the winch in the Twin Otter through the ice down into the ocean.
  Tent mounted over aft Twin Otter door to protect Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) cast at remote location from cold and wind. An electric-powered winch is mounted on floor of airplane and lowers instruments and sample bottles through a hole drilled in the ice.

Accumulated temperature and salinity profiles show the Historical Record of North Pole Hydrography since the 1950s.   Closely related projects are described at PSC Hydrographic Climatology and the Freshwater Switchyard of the Arctic Ocean.

Data from the NPEO aerial hydrographic and chemistry surveys are permanently archived at the Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS) and Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Data Archive.  These data plus certain preliminary data sets may be obtained via FTP at this website.