2003 North Pole Environmental Observatory

Andy Heiberg, logistic coordinator, working in Resolute, Nunavut, Canada.

First Air Twin Otter plane used as a traveling laboratory to take CTD casts.

A view from the top of the plane looking past the tail at the ice.

The view from the top of the plane look down the runway.

A view of the plane from the wing.

Inside the Twin Otter gear is secured for transit.

The tent along side the plane is used as a shelter during the CDT cast.

Kelly Falkner from Oregon State University and Jamie Morison from the University of Washington drill the hole for the CTD cast.

Hitting water.

Jamie Morison with the CTD.

Jamie starts the lowering of the CDT.

The CTD enters the water.

Jamie and Kelly in the CTD tent.

Kelly inside the Twin Otter.

Kelly labels samples.

A view of sea ice from the plane.