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Deployed at Ice Station Barneo in April 2014.
Image times are not synchronized between the two WebCam buoys.
and weather record is available from co-located NPEO PAWS Buoy 364170.
Please credit:   North Pole Environmental Observatory, National Science Foundation

WebCam#1 Most


Web Camera #1 is a system built and deployed by the Polar Science Center in April 2014 at the Barneo ice camp approximately 25 miles from the North Pole as part of the NSF-funded North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO). It is meant to give a visual record of ice changes over the spring-summer-fall season. Ablation stakes made of plywood strips 10-cm wide and marked with alternating black and white 10-cm squares are planted in the ice near the buoy to indicate visually the amount of surface melting as the summer proceeds. The camera is about 1.5 m above the April ice surface.

Web Camera #2 was built by the Polar Science Center for the Ice-Atmosphere-Arctic Ocean Observing System (IAOOS) project of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). It was installed in part to monitor the fate of the large ANR-10-EQPX-32-01 ocean buoy, and particularly its laser cloud sensor. For this reason it was placed close (~ 3 meters) to the buoy. It is also surrounded with ablation stakes. The camera stands about 1.8 m above the April level of the ice surface. Owing to the wide-angle lenses used in the cameras, the buoy and stakes are closer to the the camera than they appear.

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