Corrected 2002 Dissolved Oxygen Contours
Section across Lomonosov Ridge


The instrument recording the Aerial CTD casts is an internally-recording Seabird SBE-19 with an SBE-43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. This is a quite new and very promising sensor, but we encountered difficulty using it from an environment where the air temperature was so cold, and the profiles of dissolved oxygen obtained showed disagreement both between down- and up-casts and with the other Arctic Ocean profiles that have been taken. Dr. Kelly Falkner of Oregon State University has attempted to correct the Oxygen Up-casts to a assumed constant at 500m depth, and the resulting profiles are plotted here. These Oxygen readings should be used with considerable caution after conferring with Dr. Falkner, but the section contoured below shows a very interesting eddy-like structure revealed by dissolved oxygen at Cast 3 (Station Helo-2).

A large part of the North Pole CTD survey during April 2002 traced a vertical ocean section across the Lomonosov Ridge.  The section does not follow a straight line, but rather follows the line segments connecting the positions of the CTD casts.  Click on the Helo-station numbered red balls labeling actual stations along the section to view temperature, salinity, and oxygen profiles to 500m in a separate window. Figures © 2003 APL, University of Washington


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Preliminary Dissolved Oxygen Section      (Stations Helo-5 to Helo-1)

Oxygen Profiles by Cast Position

The 2002 hydrographic survey consisted of eleven stations, casts 1 through 9 called "Helo-casts" using the lightweight winch and casts 10 and 11 called "Hydro-casts" using the Twin Otter skiplane to include water sampling for chemistry at remote distances.

The nine helo-casts are marked in dark red for Helo-0 through Helo-8. The two hydro-casts are marked in purple for Hydro-0 and Hydro-1. Click on the colored symbol to view the temperature, salinity, and oxygen profiles down to 500m in a separate window.

Casts 2 through 8 (Helo-1 through Helo-7) were made from the helicopter to measure a CTD transect across the Lomonosov Ridge, on two separate days. Cast 1(Helo-0) and cast 9 (Helo-8) were made at camp Borneo. The Dissolved Oxygen section contoured above stretches from Stations Helo-5 to Helo-1.

2002 T-S-Oxygen
CTD Position
Cast Date & Time
Helo-0 Borneo 88° 32.4'N_87° 53.6' E
4/23/2002 _ 1015 UTC
Helo-1 88° 20.7' N _113° 3.0' E
4/23/2002 _ 1334 UTC
Helo-2 88° 19.4' N _ 123° 21.0' E
4/23/2002 _ 1432 UTC
Helo-3 88° 18.5' N _ 131° 59.0' E
4/23/2002 _ 1530 UTC
Helo-4 88° 16.3' N _ 140° 51.7' E
4/23/2002 _ 1626 UTC
Helo-5 87° 55.3' N _ 153° 50.9' E
4/26/2002 _ 1204 UTC
Helo-6 88° 6.2' N _ 148° 5.5' E
4/26/2002 _ 1259UTC
Helo-7 88° 21.1' N _ 118° 23.7' E
4/26/2002 _ 1406 UTC
Helo-8 Borneo 88° 30.1' N _ 71° 14.1' E
4/28/2002 _ 1041UTC
Hydro-0 85° 10.7' N _ 165° 16.4' E
4/27/2002 _ 1433 UTC
Hydro-1 86° 37.1' N _ 164° 59.5' E
4/27/2002 _ 1850 UTC