NPEO 2000-2011
– NPEO 2014 Drift Track Map –

Recent Atmospheric Data near the North Pole
International Arctic Buoy Programme  (IABP)

NPEO 2043 Surface Velocity Program ( SVP ) Buoy ID 363210

Parameters reported:

  • Observation Date/Time (UDT) and Position (Latitude °North and Longitude °East)
  • Atmospheric Pressure (millibars)

These data are automatically updated and subject to a variety of errors  


Mo/Day/Hour  Latitude  Longitude  Pressure

04/14/2300Z    62.139°N    35.122°W    993.2mb
04/14/2200Z    62.139°N    35.122°W    992.5mb
04/14/2100Z    62.139°N    35.122°W    991.9mb
04/14/2000Z    62.111°N    35.152°W    991.5mb
04/14/1900Z    62.111°N    35.152°W    991.2mb
04/14/1800Z    62.111°N    35.152°W    990.8mb
04/14/1700Z    62.069°N    35.164°W    991.0mb
04/14/1600Z    62.069°N    35.164°W    991.2mb
04/14/1500Z    62.069°N    35.164°W    991.5mb
04/14/1400Z    62.010°N    35.161°W    991.7mb
04/14/1300Z    62.010°N    35.161°W    992.0mb
04/14/1200Z    62.010°N    35.161°W    992.4mb
04/14/1100Z    61.950°N    35.168°W    993.0mb
04/14/1000Z    61.950°N    35.168°W    992.9mb
04/14/0900Z    61.950°N    35.168°W    992.7mb
04/14/0800Z    61.901°N    35.172°W    992.8mb
04/14/0700Z    61.901°N    35.172°W    993.0mb
04/14/0600Z    61.901°N    35.172°W    992.7mb
04/14/0500Z    61.874°N    35.207°W    992.4mb
04/14/0400Z    61.874°N    35.207°W    992.2mb
04/14/0300Z    61.874°N    35.207°W    991.9mb
04/14/0200Z    61.858°N    35.235°W    991.6mb
04/14/0100Z    61.858°N    35.235°W    991.2mb
04/14/0000Z    61.858°N    35.235°W    990.7mb
04/13/2300Z    61.858°N    35.278°W    989.8mb
04/13/2200Z    61.858°N    35.278°W    988.4mb
04/13/2100Z    61.858°N    35.278°W    986.8mb
04/13/2000Z    61.872°N    35.322°W    985.4mb
04/13/1900Z    61.872°N    35.322°W    983.3mb
04/13/1800Z    61.872°N    35.322°W    981.2mb
04/13/1700Z    61.889°N    35.358°W    979.2mb
04/13/1600Z    61.889°N    35.358°W    977.3mb
04/13/1500Z    61.889°N    35.358°W    975.7mb
04/13/1400Z    61.908°N    35.391°W    974.6mb
04/13/1300Z    61.908°N    35.391°W    973.8mb
04/13/1200Z    61.908°N    35.391°W    973.0mb
04/13/1100Z    61.899°N    35.365°W    972.1mb
04/13/1000Z    61.899°N    35.365°W    971.5mb
04/13/0900Z    61.899°N    35.365°W    971.3mb
04/13/0800Z    61.861°N    35.341°W    971.1mb
04/13/0700Z    61.861°N    35.341°W    970.9mb
04/13/0600Z    61.861°N    35.341°W    970.7mb
04/13/0500Z    61.823°N    35.309°W    970.6mb
04/13/0400Z    61.823°N    35.309°W    970.8mb
04/13/0300Z    61.823°N    35.309°W    971.1mb
04/13/0200Z    61.781°N    35.307°W    971.2mb
04/13/0100Z    61.781°N    35.307°W    971.5mb
04/13/0000Z    61.781°N    35.307°W    971.4mb
04/12/2300Z    61.735°N    35.289°W    971.3mb
04/12/2200Z    61.735°N    35.289°W    971.3mb
04/12/2100Z    61.735°N    35.289°W    971.7mb
04/12/2000Z    61.687°N    35.225°W    972.5mb
04/12/1900Z    61.687°N    35.225°W    973.9mb
04/12/1800Z    61.687°N    35.225°W    975.3mb
04/12/1700Z    61.637°N    35.131°W    977.7mb
04/12/1600Z    61.637°N    35.131°W    980.2mb
04/12/1500Z    61.637°N    35.131°W    982.7mb
04/12/1400Z    61.600°N    35.033°W    984.9mb
04/12/1300Z    61.600°N    35.033°W    987.4mb
04/12/1200Z    61.600°N    35.033°W    989.5mb