2005 Ocean Temperature Section


Vertical ocean Temperature section along the line segments connecting CTD stations
were calculated from the North Pole CTD Survey during April 2005 and extended Canada-ward by three Switchyard Twin Otter Stations. The section has a slight fold at NPEO station 7, the junction of the two surveys.  Numbered balls (red for NPEO and magenta for Switchyard) label actual CTD stations along the section. Click on these to view the temperature and salinity profiles in a separate window.  A  Salinity section is also available.
    Figures © 2005 APL, University of Washington



Below the same section is contoured
showing the difference in temperature from from the Environmental Working Group Joint U.S.- Russian Atlas of the Arctic Ocean, Winter Atlas for the decades 1950 through 1990.
     Figures © 2005 APL, University of Washington