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Axel Schweiger

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Historical Records of Submarine Data transcribed from LeSchack, 1980


Arctic Ocean

Time interval

1960,1962 (Sargo 1960, Sea Dragon 1960, 1962, Skate 1962)

Data processing notes

Data points in LeSchack 1980 reflect 50-km summaries of ice draft, standard deviation of ice draft and amount of open water. To make consistent with other data sets in the CDR, the reported ice draft iin the paper is normalized to include open water fraction by multiplying by ice concentraction. Data tables in include reported ice concentration as the first variable (Note that this differs from other Submarine ULS data)LeShack.1980_from_Terry_Tucker

Number of samples

4, cruises, 309 data 50-km data samples.


Point data

Not Available (If anybody has them, let me know)


LeSchack, 1980, Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Statistics Derived from the Upward-Lookin Sonar Data During 5 Nuclear Submarine Cruises, Tech. Rep. to ONR under Contract N0014-76-C-0757/NR 307-374,15 pp, LeSchack Associates, Ltd, Maryland, 1980


Many Thanks to Terry Tucker who uncovered this manuscript when it seemed lost!


Sargo 1960 Cruise

Sea Dragon 1960 Cruise

Sea Dragon 1962 Cruise

Skate 1962 Cruise