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Field Notes 2003

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The first year of field operations for the Freshwater Switchyard project was 2003. Mike Steele and Roger Andersen flew from Seattle to Schenectady, NY on April 27. Early (too early!) the next morning, we took a taxi from our hotel to the nearby New York Air National Guard base (NYANG). The NYANG has a fleet of special ski-equipped C-130 air freighters that transport people and material to Greenland, northern Canada, and Antarctica. You can see a metal ski in this photo, under the wing. It’s in the “up” position here, since there’s a runway where wheels can be used. This photo was taken just after we landed in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, after a 6 hour flight from Schenectady. They didn’t really want us to take photos at the NYANG base. Kangerlussuaq is the biggest airport in Greenland, built with American help during WWII. It’s now used mostly by Greenland Air and the NYANG.

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