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Umbrella organizations of interest

  • The Arctic Ocean Sciences Board is an international group of scientists that is, in part, working to coordinate arctic continental shelf/slope studies such as the Switchyard Project.
  • The Arctic/Subarctic Ocean Flux is an international umbrella of scientific projects that are studying the currents that flow between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.
  • Arctic CHAMP is an umbrella organization for coordination of some studies on the arctic freshwater cycle, including river, ocean, and meteorology studies. That includes the Switchyard Project.
  • SEARCH = Study of Arctic Environmental Change is a multi-agency initiative focused on large space and time scale changes in the arctic climate system, including arctic freshwater circulation and its role in the global hydrologic cycle and global ocean circulation.

Miscellaneous science links

  • R-ArcticNET About 1/2 of the freshwater that enters the Arctic Ocean is from rivers. This is a good place to get river discharge data.
  • GCS - Geomagnetism The north magnetic pole is near Alert, and it's decided to leave Canada, where it's been for hundreds of years! It's now in the Arctic Ocean, headed on a beeline for Russia, where it's expected to arrive by mid-century!


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