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What's New

January 2011: APL has produced a video about the Switchyard project including interviews with Mike Steele and Wendy Ermold along with footage from Switchyard fieldwork in the Arctic.

February 2009: All hydrographic data can be found on the CADIS web site.

March, 2005: We are preparing for Switchyard 2005. New for this year will be deployment of an ADCP = Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, a sensor that uses sound to measure ocean currents. Wendy Ermold is shown here, "talking" to the instrument in her office. We will deploy the ADCP in the surface of the lead, pointing down into the ocean. It will measure the currents down to about 150 m, with several meter resolution. This will help us calibrate the ocean current data we obtain in other ways(i.e., from the XCP and CTD).

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