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Outreach at the University of Washington
Public Speaking (talks about the arctic & climate to schools, etc.)

Pre-K through High School
Lowell 3rd grade, November 2003
Laurelhurst 2nd grade, March 2004
TOPS 3rd grade: May 2004 (sorry, no photos on this one)
Magnolia Cooperative preschool, November 15, 2005
Example of the powerpoint slides I show to kids of this age.

Edmonds Community College
English 100, March, 2003

University of Washington
Office of Sponsored Programs, November 2004
The Burke Museum "Show and Tell", June 27, 2005
Dawg Daze-Chocolate Science Fair, September 27, 2005

Art Institute of Seattle
Environmental Science, GE215 ( May 20, 2004, Sept 10, 2004, Oct 29, 2004, Jan 28, 2005, Oct 28, 2005)

Students (Undergrad & Grad)

Ward Williams: UW physics major (analysis of wind and hydrographic data)

Graduate Students
Wendy Ermold: UW applied physics M.S. (data collection and analysis)
Oleg Babko: UW atmospheric sciences Ph.D. (CTD-XCP intercalibration and analysis of ocean currents.

Polar Science Center
Applied Physics Laboratory
1013 NE 40th Street
Seattle, WA 98105

University of Washington

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