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“The Arctic Ocean and Climate Change”
a seminar given at Edmonds Community College to Professor Martha Silano’s class
English 100: Essay Writing
March 5, 2003

Professor Silano is a neighbor of mine. She is always looking for topical subjects for her students to write essays about. This was my first talk about climate change from the global warming perspective. It has since evolved into the quarterly presentation I give for the Art Institute of Seattle.

Here is an email I received from Prof. Silano after my visit:

Thanks so much for coming to class, Mike. I was happily surprised by how interested my students were in what you had to say. It was also fascinating to see the scientific data about things I've been reading so much about . . . like the ice caps melting and such. It was refreshing to get a "straight" (objective) scientific perspective on what's going on our dear planet earth.

I wouldn't have expected to feel so energized and uplifted about the topic of global warming, but you made it all so interesting that I guess I stopped feeling like we're all doomed and found myself focused instead on the cool research projects scientists like you come up with to help everyone understand what going on. Have a great time at the North Pole--I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Just thought you'd like to know that nearly half the class has chosen global warming for their 4th paper topic. And no one at this point seems up for disputing that global warming is a hoax. Small victory??!



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