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Visit to Magnolia Cooperative Preschool
Seattle, November 15, 2005
Head teacher: Ms. Adele Anderson

A friend with kids at this school requested I speak about the arctic. It’s been a while since my daughter was this old, but I managed to fit the material to the grade level. As usual, they liked the experiments the best: we examined partially frozen water in little cups, and we made salty ice cubes. They also liked the XCP, and someone even guessed what the silver thingy on the top is (an antenna)! And of course the Big Arctic Coat was a hit, too.

These pictures are courtesy of Ms. Heleen Maiorano, a parent who writes,

“Thank you very much for coming to our preschool yesterday.  The children really enjoyed your visit and learned a lot! 
I will also mention your name to my sons 3rd grade teacher and tell her about your interesting profession and your great interactive skills with children.”

The teacher Ms. Anderson writes,

"The kids were so excited today to take home their frozen Arctic fish and the parents are still raving about how great your presentation was. It's easy to get a speaker on a given subject
but not so easy to get one who understands children and is so appropriate with them. It was just great and we thank you so much."

But really, it was my pleasure. Cute kids and lots of good questions.

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