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The LARGE-scale hydrographic survey
(P. Schlosser & W. Smethie, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)

The large-scale survey uses a Twin Otter fixed-wing aircraft to take ~6 hydrographic stations using THICR on our main section between Alert and the North Pole. These are roughly coincident with NPEO stations 4-7 from the year 2003.

Also, a second line of stations are made depending on the Arctic Oscillation index: NW from Alert (low AO index) or NE from Alert (high AO index).

We seek to understand the large-scale freshwater circulation between Ellesmere/Greenland and the North Pole. Water is flowing southward in this region, heading towards the North Atlantic Ocean via several passage ways. What determines which way it flows from year to year?

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