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THICR = Through-Ice CTD Rosette
How can water samples be acquired using a Twin Otter aircraft at multiple stations and multiple depths through a small (12” diameter) hole drilled through the sea ice? Switchyard’s answer is THICR, a series of modules with 4 bottles of 4L each, plus a Seabird CTD-O2 module. These have been designed and built at LDEO, under the leadership of P. Schlosser and B. Smethie.

Up to 3 bottle modules are to be deployed at each station, for a total of 12 bottles. These will be immediately stored in white insulated coolers for transport back to base (Alert) at the end of every day, where smaller samples will be drawn in the evening for analysis of nutrients, dissolved oxygen, oxygen isotopes, barium, salinity, CFC’s, and other quantities.

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