Mark Wensnahan

Mark Wensnahan’s research interests are in science education outreach and sea ice remote sensing. Dr. Wensnahan is currently part of a project to produce a 49-year record of arctic sea-ice draft measured by U.W. Navy submarines. Dr. Wensnahan has also conducted research on the use of passive microwave satellite data for determining sea ice extent and thickness, and the associated fluxes of heat and mass. Dr. Wensnahan joined the Laboratory in 1998. In 1995 he graduated from the University of Washington with his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. He also earned his MS and BS degrees from the University of Washington.

Selected Projects

Selected Publications

  • Rawlings, M.A., M.Steele, M.M.Holland, J.C. Adam., J.E.Cherry, J.A.Francis, P.Y.Groisman, L.D.Hinzman, TG.Huntington, D.L.Kane, J.S.Kimball, R.Kwok, R.B.Lammers, C.M.Lee, D.P. Lettenmaier, K.C.McDonald, E.Podest, J.W.Pundsack, B.Rudels, M.C.Serreze, A.Shiklomanov, O.Skagseth, T.J.Troy, C.J.Vorosmarty, M.Wensnahan, E.F.Wood, R Woodgate, D.Yang, K.Zhang, T.Zhang, 2010, Analysis of the Arctic System for Freshwater Cycle Intersification: Observations and Expectations, Journal of Climate, 23, 5715-5737.