Kristin Poinar

Kristin PoinarKristin Poinar is a graduate student in glaciology, and she is interested in how the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are responding to climate change. In Greenland, will the warming affect how quickly the slippery, melting ice sheet slides into the sea? In Antarctica, will the warming oceans shrink the ice shelves so much that they will stop propping up the huge amount of ice that’s perched on the continent? Kristin will be trying to answer these questions using numeric models.

Kristin came to glaciology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she studied physics and English. In physics, she worked on the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, an experiment that looks – and is still looking – for the invisible matter that makes up most of our universe.

At the University of Washington, Kristin is in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. She is also a member of the Program on Climate Change, a collection of graduate students and faculty that learn about climate science.